IFTA Quick Shot: Zee Stem cherry trees

zee stem cherry trees

Dr. Terence Robinson (Cornell University) discusses Zee Stem trees in a new planting at Logoluso Farms. Zee Stem is an interstem tree that is an interspecific cross (parentage unknown) from Zaiger Genetics grafted onto Citation rootstock. These trees were obtained through Dave Wilson Nursery who handles Zaiger Genetics material, and is the exclusive seller of Zee Stem.

According to Greg Lang, Michigan State University, "Floyd Zaiger uses Zee Stem as a multi-compatible interstem to put various Prunus species, including cherry, on his patented rootstocks like Citation." There is some claim that the length of the interstem also controls the degree of vigor and Citation itself may impact fruit size. These Zee Stem interstem trees have not been made available in Michigan or New York State for testing.

More information on Zee Stem courtesy Good Fruit article, July 1, 2005

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