Famous Joe Costante Top Ten Sayings

# 10 "I need a sugar-daddy!"

# 9 "I thought you were bringing the donuts!"

#8 "I know nothing, I depend on you to keep me informed..."

# 7 "I'll let you do it. You'll do a much better job than I will."

# 6 "I think Jon is mad at me."

# 5 "Keep me up-to-date. Good communication is the key."

#4 "Wonnnderful."

# 3 "Where are all those Girl Scout Cookies? I think the five-fingered mice got them."

#2 "OOHHH, NNOOO! Leave that one!"

And finally, the #1 Famous Joe Costante Saying, "The growers all think I should retire."

Have a Safe and Happy Retirement Joe Costante!!