Subject: Agenda for NE-183 Meeting
Date: 10/20 11:43 AM
Received: 10/20 4:31 PM
From: Rob Crassweller,

To: NE-183 Members

Below is a suggested agenda for our meeting in Fayetteville on November 11-12. I have taken the liberty of drawing this agenda up based on past meeting agendas. If memory serves me correctly, I am to chair this meeting with Curt Rom being the incoming chair. John Cline is to be the recording secretary.

As you can see we will have a lot to cover. If you have any additional topics please let me know as soon as possible.

You may also wish to bring a short summary of your work for distribution at the meeting with state reports. We can also use those reports for the annual report required by the project.

1. Distribution and Adoption of the Agenda
2. Minutes of 1996 meeting
3. Comments by R. Seem, Adminstrative Advisor
4. Introduction of Participants and Guests
5. Horticultural Subcommittee Report - S. Miller
6. Pest Subcomittee - R Straub (?)
7. Economic Subcommittee - Bill Lord/George Greene
8. Data management - R. McNew
9. Fruit Quality Subcommittee - ???
10. 1998/99 New Planting - D. Greene
11. Collaboration with Nursery Consortium(s) - Rob Crassweller
12. NE-183 Web Site - Jon Clements/Win Cowgill
13. Other Items
Photography - Susan Brown (?)
Re-write - ???
14. Annual state reports

Rob Crassweller 102 Tyson Building
Professor of Tree Fruit University Park, PA 16802
Penn State University Phone: 814-863-6163