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NE-183 Apple Cultivar Evaluation Project: Annual Meeting

2007 Annual Meeting, November 14, Grand Junction, CO

Meeting details/registration information

2006 Annual Meeting, November 4, Pittstown, NJ

2006 NECC-1009 Meeting Minutes

2005 NECC-1009 Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, November 11-12

2005 NECC-1009 Meeting Minutes

2004 Annual Meeting: Fletcher, North Carolina, November 5-6

Meeting Minutes

Annual Report

2003 Annual Meeting: Nova Scotia

Meeting Minutes

Annual Report

2002 Annual Meeting: Wisconsin

Meeting Minutes

Annual Report

2001 Annual Meeting, California

Meeting Minutes

Annual Report

2000 Annual Meeting, Ohio

Meeting Minutes

Annual Report (47KB PDF)

1999 Annual Meeting, Pennsylvania

Meeting Minutes

More 1998-99 Documents

1997 Documents

1997 NC-140/NE-183 Technical Committee Annual Meeting

Agenda for 1997 NE-183 Meeting

1996 Annual Meeting, Michigan

1996 NE-183 Final Report

1996 State Reports

1995 Meeting Minutes

1995 Vermont Report

Pinova: an apple cultivar in the 1999 NE-183 Planting